How to set up Vanta integration for your NordPass organization

Integrating NordPass with Vanta helps your organization automate compliance by syncing active members' data. This does not include pending or suspended members.


In this guide, you can find the requirements and steps to set up Vanta integration for your NordPass organization.

Requirements for Vanta integration in NordPass:


  • Vanta integration is available for NordPass Business and NordPass Enterprise plans.

  • To set up this integration, you must have Admin or Editor permissions on Vanta and be an Owner or Admin of your NordPass organization.

How to set up Vanta integration for your organization


  1. Log in to NordPass Admin Panel as an Owner or Admin.

  2. Go to Integrations > Vanta and select Connect.
  3. Select Allow in the Authorize App window. You might be asked to log in to Vanta if you are not already logged in.
    Untitled 2.png
  4. You will be redirected back to the NordPass Admin Panel. Enter your Master Password to unlock it. 

    Note: Vanta integration is available for NordPass organizations that are managed by Managed Service Providers (MSPs). To activate this integration, the MSP administrator needs to log into the MSP Admin Panel.
  5. Once the integration is connected successfully, it will appear active in the Integrations tab.
    Untitled 3.png

Unable to connect with Vanta


An error message below might occur during the Vanta integration setup. To continue setting up integration, log in to the NordPass Business Admin Panel or the MSP Admin Panel.

image - 2024-03-08T142908.224 (1).png

Troubleshooting Vanta not monitoring NordPass


In a case when Vanta has stopped collecting and monitoring data from NordPass, you will need to reenable Vanta integration in the NordPass Admin Panel. Follow the steps below to check the integration of NordPass with Vanta.


  1. You can check the integration status on the Vanta website. If you see an error message in the screenshot below, click Reconnect button.
    image (116).png

  2. Select Connect to NordPass. You will be redirected to the NordPass Admin Panel.
    image (117).png

  3. Re-enable Vanta integration. First, click Disconnect button.

  4. Then, select Connect next to Automate compliance with Vanta.


Don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team at if you have any additional questions!