Autofill via subdomain

What is a subdomain?

Subdomain is a prefix added to a domain name to separate a section of a website. As an example, you are currently on a help center article which is on a page with subdomain -
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What is subdomain matching feature for?

Subdomain matching feature can help manage autofill suggestions on websites that contain subdomain in the website address. Example of when it can be useful:

  • You have three password items that use the same domain, but a different subdomain:

Currently, if you go to any of the websites above, you will see all 3 password items in autofill suggestions.


In case you would like to avoid seeing all password items and see only the one item that is relevant to the website you are on, read the instructions below.


How to use subdomain matching feature?

  1. Open NordPass settings.

  2. Scroll down until you see “Autofill and Autosave” section with “Autofill via subdomain” setting.
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  3. Once you click on it, you will see a window presented with a list of website domains from your password items.
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  4. Choose the website domain on which you would like to see subdomain-specific autofill suggestions.

  5. Click Save button at the bottom right - voila! From now on, you will only see the subdomain-specific autofill suggestions on the websites you have selected.


Example of how the feature works


You have multiple password items that use the same domain (in this case -, but different subdomains:





You choose to match subdomain for website.


Autofill suggestions on websites
Website address Autofill suggestion Item A No autofill suggestions Item B Item C No autofill suggestions Item D Item D