How to change autofill behavior?

You can control how your login information is filled in on desktop devices by customizing NordPass autofill preferences. This guide will explain how to change the autofill behavior in forms to get a more personalized experience.  


Note: While you have the ability to resolve certain form recognition problems yourself, we highly appreciate your feedback and encourage you to report any such problems. To send feedback directly, select Feedback from the dropdown menu.


Change autofill behavior


  1. Go to the website that has a form and click on the three dots.


  2. Select Change autofill behavior.


  3. Select Autofill something else.


  4. Choose how you would like NordPass to recognize the form.

And that’s it! From now on, we will show suggestions based on your chosen behavior.


Reset the form autofill to default


Follow the steps below to use the default autofill behavior:

  1. Open the form which you would like to adjust.

  2. Click on the three dots icon.

  3. Select Change autofill behavior.

  4. Select Autofill something else.

  5. Choose Reset to default.


Please note that we will only be able to autofill fields that match.

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