No autofill suggestions on Android

NordPass autofill suggestions might not show because of other password managers' interference. This troubleshooting guide will help you to stop getting autofill and autosave suggestions from Google autofill service and other built-in password managers.


Note: Make sure you have NordPass autofill enabled by following this guide.


If you are seeing suggestions from the built-in password manager, try moving your passwords to NordPass and then delete them from the built-in password manager. You can export your passwords on your computer by following these guides:


  1. Google Chrome browser

  2. Firefox browser

  3. Brave browser


If you still see suggestions from the Google autofill service or another built-in password manager, please follow the guides below to disable it:


  1. Google autofill service

  2. Chrome browser

  3. Firefox browser

  4. Brave browser

  5. Samsung Internet browser


This should help you no longer get suggestions from Google or other built-in password managers and only see the NordPass ones!