What is NordPass Chrome Beta extension?

NordPass Chrome Beta extension offers a way to use NordPass without installing the desktop application. With the new extension, our users can enjoy a smoother experience and easier onboarding without losing any of the features that NordPass desktop application offers. 


Note: The new NordPass extension experience is currently in beta version and is available on Chrome and Chromium-based browsers only. Our team is currently working on implementing the new extension to other browsers before the full release. 


Below, is the main information about NordPass beta extension:


  • How to install the Chrome beta extension? 

    If you want to try the new extension, please contact our support team at support@nordpass.com for a link. As this is a beta version, we will store your email address to inform you when the full release is ready and what steps you will need to take if you’ll be using the beta extension.

  • Where can I use the beta extension?

    The beta extension can be used on Chrome and Chromium-based browsers (i.e., Microsoft Edge, Brave) on desktop devices. Since the desktop application is not needed, it can also be used on Chromebooks.

  • Can I unlock the beta extension with biometrics?

    Currently, biometrics are not available and you will need to enter your Master Password to unlock it. Our team is working on adding biometrics before the full release. 

  • Why is NordPass locked when I open my browser? 

    Due to security reasons, currently, the NordPass extension will be locked when the browser is closed. After relaunching the browser, you will be asked to enter your Master Password to open the extension or auto-fill your details. Our team is working on improving the extension login flow to provide a smoother and faster experience. The persistent logout issue when the browser is closed will be fixed with a full release.
  • Do I need to log in separately to the desktop application?

    Yes, since the NordPass extension works independently from the desktop application, you will need to log in to the extension and application individually. Keep in mind, that the NordPass Free version allows you to stay logged in on 1 device at the same time. While using the NordPass Chrome beta extension, you can use 1 desktop application and 5 extension sessions. The Premium version allows unlimited active sessions.

    Learn more about the differences between NordPass Free and Premium versions here

  • Can I still use the desktop application?

    Yes, you can continue using the NordPass desktop application. However, since the application and extension are no longer dependent on each other, you will need to log in to the extension separately to use auto-fill and autosave features. 

  • When to expect the full release?

    At the moment, we are not able to provide ETA for the full release. Our team is working hard to release it as soon as possible this year.

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