Passkeys FAQs

In this article, you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about passkeys, their usability and integration into NordPass. 

You can see a list of websites where passkeys are currently available here.

New: Passkeys can be used to log in to your personal Google Accounts.

  • What is a passkey?

    Passkeys are a new type of authentication, which allows users to securely log in to websites and applications without having to enter their password. A passkey consists of two separate cryptography keys - public and private, that are generated during account registration. The public key is registered with the website or application while the private key is stored locally and never leaves your device. When logging in, these keys are paired and you are then granted access to the website.

    Learn more about passkeys and how they work with NordPass in the video below:

  • On which platforms are passkeys available with NordPass?

    NordPass Passkeys are available on the desktop application and Web Vault. As for mobile support, the ability of third-party apps like NordPass to manage passkeys for their users hinges on platform vendors as they need to provide APIs for this purpose. Google recently announced that they will enable third-party apps to manage passkeys on Android by August 2023. We remain positive that other major vendors will provide the same capability in the near future.

  • Who can use passkeys in NordPass?

    Passkeys are available to all NordPass users. If you do not see the Passkeys category in your application, make sure to update to the latest version via Settings. Keep in mind that passkeys are only available on desktop and browser extensions for now. 

  • Where can I find passkeys saved in NordPass?

    Passkeys in the NordPass applications are saved in a separate item type category. 

    Desktop application:
    Browser extension:
  • Can I import passkeys to a password manager?

    No, currently, there is no option to import or export passkeys to password managers.

  • How to sign up with a passkey?

    While creating an account for a website that supports passkeys, you will see an option to create a passkey or, in some cases, something similar to 'Log in with a security device'. Keep in mind, that the sign-up flow might look different depending on the website.

  • Can I change my password to a passkey? 

    If you already have an account with a password on a website that supports passkeys, you should see an option in your Account Setting or Security Settings to create a passkey or to add a security device. 

  • How can I use passkeys?

    The most common use of passkeys is to authenticate yourself when logging in to your account, the same as you would with a password. Passkeys can also be used as two-factor authentication (2FA) depending on the website or application. 

  • Can I view a passkey?

    Unlike traditional passwords, passkeys cannot be viewed by the user and are never displayed or entered manually.

  • Can I share a passkey?

    Yes, passkeys can be shared with other NordPass users like other items in your vault. You can learn more about the NordPass sharing feature here.

  • Is it possible to have multiple passkeys to the same account?

    Yes, you can have more than one passkey with the same account if the website allows it.

  • What if there are two passkey items for the same online account?

    If the same account has multiple passkeys, NordPass will show all of them and you can choose which one to use.

  • Why can’t you change the username and website in the passkey item?

    Since a passkey for the account is linked only to the website or application where it was created, it can’t be edited. This functionality protects users from entering their login information into scam websites and applications.

  • Can I access NordPass passwordless?

    We are currently working on enabling a passwordless sign-in process for NordPass. It will be a faster and simpler process than the one now because it will require a single biometric confirmation. This means that you will be able to access your Nord Account and NordPass with a single tap of a finger. We’re also working on several passwordless authentication solutions for businesses, so stay tuned.

  • What to do if NordPass is blocking my security key (e.g. Yubikey)? 

    Please close the NordPass passkey pop-up window to see a prompt to enter your security key's PIN. Our team is currently working on a clearer way to choose other solutions to handle the passkeys instead of NordPass. 

  • Why am I required to enter my Master Password to create a passkey?

    Some websites require an additional verification step, which currently involves requesting your NordPass Master Password. This step allows our users to continue using passkeys on those websites. We understand that this solution is not ideal, which is why we are actively working on bringing biometric verification in the near future. Furthermore, our ultimate goal is to eliminate the Master Password requirement during this step entirely.

Learn more about passkeys in our What is a Passkey blog post. 

Where are passkeys available?


Below are websites that have successfully adopted passkeys technology. Keep in mind that as passkeys and passwordless login is a new technology, their adaptation will improve with time and we will see more websites offering passkeys as an alternative to passwords. 

  • Google
  • Arpari
  • Best buy
  • Daylite
  • Dinero or other product/service using Visma Connect
  • DocuSign
  • eBay
  • Kayak
  • Lääkä
  • Mangadex
  • Microsoft (log-in option with passkey is called security key)
  • Nvidia
  • Pastery
  • PayPal (passkey can be used as a second factor)
  • Robinhood
  • Scrooge Games
  • Shop Pay
  • Shopify