Send Feedback using Android application

The Android feedback tool allows you to anonymously inform us about your experience with NordPass — be it positive feedback or something that needs improvement from our side.

How to send feedback?


  1. You can provide your feedback by tapping on the Feedback option (if you are using the suggestion strip at the top of the keyboard - swipe to the right until you see the option):

  2. Feedback options will pop up. Select a relevant topic from the list or choose I have a different issue or question.


How to send feedback if there is no NordPass suggestion?


Even if you have encountered an issue on another website/app that you are currently on, you can still report it from any website/app by choosing the Issue happens on another website or app option at the very end of the reporting flow.


Please note that your feedback will help us fix general technical issues and improve our services. However, keep in mind that submission does not guarantee that the problem you are encountering will be solved instantly.

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