How to move your company's passwords from LastPass to NordPass

You can transfer your company's data stored in LastPass to NordPass by exporting your passwords and other items as a CSV file. 

Note: This guide is indended for business clients and the steps provided here explain how to migrate from LastPass to NordPass Business or Enterprise. To export your personal LastPass account's passwords, follow the steps provided in our How to export passwords from LastPass guide. 

Before you migrate to NordPass, here are a few things you should know on how to export passwords from LastPass:

  • LastPass’ export does not include file attachments. We recommend you download your file attachments before exporting. 

  • NordPass currently does not import TOTP secrets. We are working to include this field in the migration process. Make sure to store your TOTP secrets elsewhere before exporting.

  • Item categories such as SSH Keys, Custom Items, and Bank Accounts will be imported as Secure Notes.

  • Shared folders will be imported as shared folders with the Shared- prefix.


Below are two methods to export passwords from LastPass.

Export from the LastPass browser extension


To export your items from LastPass, follow the steps below on your desktop device:


  1. Open your browser and launch the LastPass browser extension.

  2. Select your email address, then choose Advanced, select Export, and then LastPass CSV File.

  3. Enter your Master Password.

  4. Save your passwords to a CSV file. In this case, just choose a location on your computer and save the file.

Export from the LastPass website vault


To export your items from LastPass, follow the steps below on your desktop device:


  1. Open your browser and log in to your LastPass account.

  2. Select Advanced Options from the sidebar and then Export. LastPass will then send an email to confirm the export.

  3. Go to your LastPass account’s email address and continue the export. Once the export is verified, you will need to complete the previous step again to begin exporting.

  4. Depending on your web browser, you will receive your export as a CSV file or LastPass will open another browser tab with your vault items.
  • If this happens, press Cmd + A (for Mac) or Ctrl + A (Windows) to quickly highlight all onscreen text and copy and paste it to Notepad (for Windows) or TextEdit (for macOS) as a plain text file. 


Note: For TextEdit, you may need to change the file format from Rich text to Plain text (open TextEdit -> Format -> Make Plain Text).

  • After you save the text file, rename it and add ".csv" to the end of the file name, e.g., "LastPassExport.csv".

That's it! You have exported your vault data from LastPass. Now, you can easily import your items to NordPass by following our guide on how to import passwords to NordPass.