Add files to NordPass items

File attachments are currently not available. This feature will be released soon for NordPass desktop applications and other operating systems. 

With NordPass Premium you can securely attach your most important files to saved passwords, secure notes, personal info, and credit cards and store them in your NordPass application. This way you can easily save necessary receipts, screenshots, photographs, and documents and access them on multiple devices.

Here is the main information about adding files to NordPass:

  • Max file size to upload 50 MB
  • Up to 50 attached files per item
  • Each NordPass Premium user gets 3 GB of storage
  • Any type of file can be uploaded
  • You need to be online to attach and download files
  • To view your attachments you need to download them first.
  • Files can be uploaded and attached one at a time
  • Items with attached files cannot be shared and you can’t add files to a shared item

Below you can find instructions on adding, downloading, and deleting files using the NordPass desktop application. This feature will be released for other operating systems and extensions soon.

Note: When your subscription expires, all attached files remain and can be downloaded. However, no new files can be uploaded while using the Free version.  

Desktop application: 

Add files to your NordPass items


  1. Open your NordPass application and click on the item to which you want to add an attachment.

  2. Select Attach File button.
    Alternatively, you can attach a file from the items list. Click the three dots icon next to the item and select Attach File.
  3. This will open the upload window. Select a file from your device that you want to attach. Please note that only one file can be uploaded at a time.

  4. Wait for the upload to complete.

Download files from NordPass to your device


  1. Open your NordPass application and click on the item that has attachments.
  2.  Select Download button and choose where the file is saved on your device.

Delete files from NordPass


When an item is moved to the trash, its attachments are also moved. The attachments and the rest of the item’s information can be restored or permanently deleted.


To permanently remove a file from your NordPass item, follow these steps:

  1. Open your NordPass application and open the item that has attachments.

  2. Select Delete button. The file will be permanently deleted and not moved to the trash.

  3. Select Delete to confirm.