How to download NordPass Chrome extension (beta) logs?

If you cannot access your vault or get any errors while trying to log in to the NordPass Chrome extension (beta), you can send logs to our Customer Success team. Please make sure to specify what exact issue you experience and on what exact day the issue started to occur.


Here are instructions on how to download NordPass Chrome extension logs:

  1. Open Chrome.

  2. Right-click anywhere in the window and select NordPass > Download logs. Application logs will be automatically downloaded. 
  3. Alternatively, the logs can be downloaded via Settings. At the top right corner, select the NordPass extension icon to open it and click Settings. If the NordPass extension icon does not appear next to Adress Bar, select the Extensions icon and open NordPass.

  4. Settings are opened in a new tab. Scroll down and select Download logs.
  5. Extension logs are downloaded as a ZIP file.